Camp of Champions

Leman Property Management Co. emphasizes community involvement, and we have been and continue to be involved with numerous charities and not-for-profits throughout the area. Our officers and employees have the privilege of serving on various boards and committees, and we appreciate the opportunity to give back to our communities. As a company, we wanted to associate in particular with one charity that could be a company-wide focus. As we thought about this, we developed a set of criteria that we felt was necessary, including:

  • The charity will support and be consistent with the Christian views held by the officers of Leman Property Management Co.
  • The charity will have the potential to serve most of the communities we serve
  • The charity will be a cause whose beneficiaries may include some of our customers
  • The charity will be a local charity in which we can feel as if we made a difference

As we reviewed the different charitable organizations in the area, we were drawn to Camp of Champions USA. COCUSA is a non-denominational Christian Day Camp for 5 – 12 year olds, with locations in Pekin, Peoria, East Peoria, Eureka, and Morton. Their desire is to build Christian character in their community through the message of Jesus Christ. Please learn more about Camp of Champions USA by visiting their website at:

“We’re so grateful for the support of Leman Property Management.  It’s a huge encouragement to have the support of any local business, but Leman is a key partner for us as we seek to share Jesus with kids and families in central Illinois and connect those families to local churches.” – Peter Lindell, Executive Director.